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Teething hell

We’ve tried the powder
Tried the gel
Nothing works
We’re in teething hell

Ice pops? Yes
Cold flannel too
Everyone has
Advice for you!

Up at one,
Three, four, five aswell
I’ve had no sleep
Can’t you tell
From my bloodshot eyes
That my brain’s been fried?

We’ve done the drugs
They don’t touch the sides
My poor little sausage
Just cries and cries

Then his brother joins in
Distressed by the noise
Please my darling,
Just play with some toys?

I look at my son
With his patchy cheeks
And runny nose
(You know how it goes)
Filled with love
And fear:
this might last for weeks!

Bright red gums
(Not to mention his bum)
And no tooth in sight

Let’s hunker down
For another night

All the advice

Is there anyone that doesn’t have advice for you when your child is teething? 

We’ve tried everything in the past and the only thing that’s been guaranteed to calm is the art of the cuddle (although you can get good mileage from Infant Nurofen and the weird teething powder stuff). 

Any mums reading this with a teething baby you have my sympathy!

It calls for one of my favourite life mantras: “This too shall pass”.

Hang on in there.


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