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Arthur’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I would really love
A nice big shiny bin;
One that I could bash & lick
That would make me grin!

Or how about a weighty door
With a mighty hinge?
If I could stick my fingers in
You wouldn’t hear me whinge!

What about those gritty bits
That I find on the floor
(the ones that Mummy thinks she’s swept
But I keep finding more)?

And you know, the odd dead bug,
I love to crunch and munch;
They taste even better
If I’ve just refused my lunch!

And while we’re on the subject
Of things I’d like to eat;
How about a juicy cable?
That would be a treat!

If you could plug it in,
It would be so sweet,
With a side of lovely laundry
Ironed and folded neat.

Or maybe a remote control?
They’re absolutely great,
Definitely the best to chew
And… oh no wait!

How could I have forgotten?
One of Daddy’s shoes!
Caked with mud & trodden leaves
Oh yes Santa, that will do!

Or any of my brother’s toys
Are also worth a mention?
So I can try to grab them too
Then I’d get his attention!

There’s nothing I like better
Than an all night festive party;
So I’ll see you on the 24th


Your buddy Artie xx

(Aged 9 months)

The stuff Christmas dreams are made of

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  1. I think your little man and my little lady are comparing notes. This sounds like her dream Christmas list too. Fantastic and funny and fantastically funny. I always love your writing! 🙂 #prose4t

    • Thank you. I love yours! Since writing I’ve realised there’s so many things I could’ve added: used nappies, trying to crawl head first downstairs, the dishwasher – in fact any kitchen appliance, more hazardous the better – the list is endless! He’ll have to settle for some diggers instead. Although I have actually bought the remote control for his stocking! My husband is insisting we keep the new one & give him our old one!

  2. Aww love this! Struck me reading how much toddlers and puppies are alike aren’t they! Wee animals!! Thanks for sharing x

    • Ha ha, yes! There’s a few comparisons you can draw! Thank you x

  3. This is exactly what I would imagine a 9 month old would write! This is fab. Welcome to Prose for Thought and thank you so much for linking. I hope to see you again x

    • Thank you very much. You will! I’m looking forward to seeing your revamped blog too, hope it’s all going well x

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