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This Motherhood Beast

I look in the mirror
And I don’t see,
The same old person
Staring back at me.
I see a weathered old mother
With aged craggy lines,
In places that I used to think
Looked, well, fine.
Or okay at least,
It’s a strange old thing,
This motherhood beast.
Your love is unbounded
You would do it again (and again)
Though your body gets pounded
And the heart of you,
No part of you,
Is ever the same.

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  1. Found your post today via the Mumsnet ‘written a great post?’ link … really enjoyed this post. So true! And beautifully written x

  2. This is such a bittersweet poem. Brilliantly put Nicole – it is fab to see more of your great writing. Thank you so much for linking to #Prose4T x

  3. Hi There Nicole, I’ve just found your blog through Twinkly Tuesday and love your poems. You’re so talented xx

    • Thank you so much, that’s very kind & thanks for the follow. I was reading your blog the other day, loved it! Xx

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