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I’m SHOUTY Mum! Hear me ROAR!!!

Oh dear. It’s been one of those Shouty Mum kinda days.

Here she is…

Shouty Mum

If I get to five
You’re in trouble.
No! Not like that!
Not in the puddle!
How many times do I have to say –
No! Not there! It’s in the way!
I’ve already told you once.
I’ve had it up to here today.
Where’s your brother gone?
What on earth are you doing?
He’s – oh! No!
What is he chewing?!
You know. We don’t.
Have toys on the table.
I said, can you take off your coat?
I know that you’re able.
No, no! Not that again!
For goodness’ sake,
Stop being a pain!


I’m Shouty Mum!
Hear me ROAR!!!!!

Ah the roar of the Shouty Mum

Do you find yourself saying the same things over and over? That’s probably a silly question!

This poem is for us; mums saying the same old thing over and over (echoing our very own mothers no doubt, who said the same things over and over to us). No wonder things get a bit shouty sometimes!

Things were going so well tonight until bath time, when it all got, as you can probably guess, a little bit shouty. So I redirected my shouty-ness and wrote this little rhyme instead.

Poetry = stress relief. Honest!

To me this echoes the children’s books we spend our days reading. It’s the roar of the shouty mum! I would love to know what your roars are! Have I got these right? What things do you find yourself repeating?

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  1. I am a shouty mum 100% to a daughter with selective hearing. Thus making me repetitive mum! #prose4t

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Well you have a good reason to be! Thanks for reading #Prose4T

  2. Love this – so very true! Really well-paced poem too, well done. #prose4t

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thanks for reading #Prose4T

  3. Love this! I am a shouty mummy too I’m afraid. I find it’s worse in the mornings when I’m trying to get them out on the school run. I’m like a sergeant major shouting “Get Dressed!” “Eat Your Breakfast!” “Clean Teeth!” then finally “Shoes ON!” If only we had to shout it once, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I say these things a hundred times because everything is in slow motion for them in the mornings! #fartglitter

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Oh I had a morning like that too this morning & then felt SO GUILTY afterwards. Glad it isn’t just me! #fartglitter

  4. So very true! I am definitely shouty/repetitive mum 🙂 Love the pace of this poem, the short sentences really capture those feelings of frustration that lead to the shouting!

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you!

  5. I’m with you! Poetry is definitely stress relief. I find myself worrying less about the odd exploding nappy now, and more time wondering what might rhyme with “poonami”

    Dawn x

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you. I am going to wonder about that now too! I like a challenge! Xx

  6. mmt mmt

    Oh yes, the power of counting to five! X

  7. I utterly love this Nicole – this is so me!! And you are so very right about poetry being a stress relief, it works for me every time 🙂 Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you, thanks for reading xx

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thanks for having me! X

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Oh to have need of a fan! But yes must be annoying! Thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  8. As a former poetry writer I loved this! And er…I daren’t list all my roars cos there ain’t no comments box big enough! So glad to have stumbled across your lovely little blog. And if you want to take part in the #OopsFiles…you know where to find me!

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