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Nominate me!

I’m going to keep this simple and refrain from the whole “this makes me feel so uncomfortable, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring anyway, and I don’t expect to win etc etc” thing.

I’ve seen a lot of that this week.

Frankly writing poems and publishing them on the internet pushes me out of my comfort zone.

This bit is easy.


If you like my blog please nominate me in the Fresh Voice category in the BritMums BiB Awards (closes April 13th) and the Best New Blog in the Tots100 MADs (closes April 8th) by clicking on the links below (of course, if you were minded to also nominate me for Best Blog, Best Writer, Inspire(r) or any other category which you think I fit in either of these awards I could cope with that!).


The BiBs


You will need the following details for the BiBs nomination form:

Blog name: The Brightness Of These Days
Blog URL:
Twitter ID: @nicolekkennedy
Favourite post (suggestion):

This Motherhood Beast ( and Lament Of The Stay At Home Mum ( also personal faves.



Tots 100 Awards

Simply put in the categories you think my blog fits best.

If you’re not a blogger but you’re interested in the awards and would like some inspiration to vote in other categories get in touch and I’ll let you know my favourites. I’m currently trying to narrow my votes down. Will share once I’ve managed it!

Thank you! xx

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    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you! That’s very nice of you to say. Are you “throwing your hat in the ring”?!

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