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Quiet Moments

I didn’t turn the radio on,

I left it off all day.

As I pottered cleaning up,

I heard you nattering away.

Laughing with your brother

Reading him your books.

Pointing out to him alone,

How ‘Henry engine’ looks.

And you in turn

Must have heard me

As plates clattered into cupboards

On the floor, collecting peas

Flicked there by your brother.

It occurred to me right then

Sitting on my knees,

Even with a dividing wall

We are good company.

I found there hidden joy,

In the lack of background chatter.

Sometimes it’s good to recognise

How the quiet moments matter.


Parenthood FM

We tend to have the radio on pretty much all day at home.

I’ve graduated from Kiss FM in my teenage years (I’m from Essex, ok?), through to Radio 1, and have now settled on a steadfast mix of Radio 2 with a splash of Radio 4 (The Today Programme when I want to feel clever and Woman’s Hour).

This is the soundtrack to The Parenthood Years.

Some days though, I purposefully leave it off and that’s quite nice too.

I notice more. I hear more of the silly exchanges between my little brothers.

I enjoy those quiet days we share together, happy in our company.

Life seems to move so fast sometimes.

It’s good to find some quiet moments and sit there for a while.

That’s it for me.

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