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This Is It

This is it.

Hold on to it tight.

Kisses on foreheads,

Calls in the night.


It won’t come again.

It will be over too soon.

You will long for these days,

When you can sleep in til noon.


Everyone says it,

You know that it’s true.

But it’s hard to remember,

When you’ve been up since two.


Weather the storms

As you look for rainbows.

Stop for a breath,

So you don’t miss them grow.


When you’re old,

Sitting in your room

You will think:

That was it

And it was over too soon.


This. Is. It.

Is this the biggest parenting conundrum? Knowing how precious these days are but being too damn tired to appreciate them sometimes?

Artie cut his molars recently at the same time as I went back to work after maternity leave and as a result the month passed by in a sleep-deprived blur.

I’m off with the boys on Fridays and during the week would make great plans for action and adventure but Friday would come and all three of us would be so tired and grumpy, we would end up in our pjs until late and then laze the day away, not doing anything “productive”.

I was feeling frustrated that we were wasting our time together but it occurred to me that these are times to remember. The three of us hanging out at home, even if we are a bit snappy! Dylan will start school next year (and dare I say it, won’t always want to hang out with his mum, sob!); our days of doing this are numbered.

So I’m embracing the lazy days!


And hopefully once we’ve adjusted and got a bit more sleep we’ll be back to adventuring!

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  1. So, so true!! Very well expressed X X

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you, thanks for reading xx

  2. Absolutely love this! So true, everyone always tells you to enjoy it but that’s not always easy! I love lazy days.

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you, thanks for reading. Lazy days are the best days! x

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