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#findingadventures – April Travel & Adventure Round-Up

I’m a bit later than usual with my travel and adventure round-up this month because frankly I’ve been too busy having a good time! Which can only be a good thing.

It’s been a quiet month for travel.

But not a quiet month.

And there have definitely been adventures.

We’ve celebrated Dylan’s 3rd birthday…

3!!! I have a 3 year old son! Always my baby. Obviously.
3!!! I have a 3 year old son! Always my baby

Started Project Garden…

The Foreman (Dylan, obviously)

and I’ve returned to work after a gloriously long maternity leave

There it is, the City
Back to the City

Time is rolling on.

After a bit of a travel overload in March, it’s been nice having fun closer to home.

We almost managed to squeeze our bucket list busting trip to Thomasland in to this round-up but we travelled up there on the 1st of May so in the spirit of accurate record-keeping I shall have to save that joy (the car ride really was something else) for next month!

So alas I have no witty travel-related anecdotes to share (ahem!) but I have started using a “proper camera” again rather than just my iPhone, so here’s a little photo round-up of what we got up to in April…

Bluebell hunting ~ it isn’t Spring until they’ve sprung


Knole Park ~ deer, wild rabbits, den-building, jumping and leaf-throwing. One of our favourite places

Knole Park - deer, wild rabbits, den-building, jumping and leaf-throwing. One of my favourite places

That’s my name ~ we’ve spent A LOT of time at home in the garden playing, building, blowing bubbles, gardening and creating

That's my name. Garden fun.

Milestones ~ and the final word goes to Artie, because in amongst all this chaos he has found his voice and he’s enjoying using it. He started the month with his first couple of proper words and ended it almost speaking as much as me!


Bring on May!

I’m leaving it there – short but sweet – since it’s nearly time for the next one!

Hope you’re having a great month!

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  1. The Bluebells were beautiful weren’t they, it’s the first year we’ve gone to find a proper bluebell wood and we loved it! Sounds like a very busy month, can’t wait to hear about Thomasland x

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