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Let me first say I have definitely found myself being an “insta-mum” myself so this is not a critique of any camera wielding mums out there, on instagram or anywhere else.

I love a photo of my wide-grinned blondies as much as the next parent but I do sometimes wonder about the messages we pass on to our children with our constant documentation of their and our lives – are we teaching them to live in the moment?

After a couple of years of rarely taking it out of its case I’ve been using our SLR camera recently (I’m a total novice and can only use it on auto but learning how to use it properly is on the to-do list!). The rationale is I would rather take less photos but better quality ones. Hopefully I won’t start taking double!

How do you document your memories? Are you an insta-mum? How do you balance memory-keeping with enjoying the moment?


Oh darling!
Well done!
That looks so cute.
Wait a minute,
Let me…

Point and shoot!
What a hoot!

That’s it!
Hold it there!
One minute,
I’ll just move your hair

Point and shoot!
What a hoot!

Just a sec!
Yes just like that!
No not over there,
The light looks flat…

Point and shoot
What a hoot!

Hey little man,
Shall we go for a scoot?
I’ll grab your helmet
You choose the route…

No thanks Mum,
You’re all right.
We’ll need a good shot
And the light’s not right!



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  1. It is a hard balance to strike a lot of the time. I love taking photos and video but also sometimes I love having a day off from it and just enjoying the moment fully. We have no photos of our own from Mabel’s birthday party because I was just so busy and engrossed in having fun. My kids do get annoyed with me trying to do a photoshoot sometimes, but that’s mainly when I’m trying to take photos of all three of them together so I need them to sit still. Most of the time I take pictures of them playing and catch those candid moments so I like to think they don’t really notice or mind, my kids aren’t good posers anyway.

  2. Guilty as charged. I’m a total insta-mum already and my daughters only six months old. There’s such a fine line between not enjoying the moment because you’re too busy fannying around with an iPhone/camera and documenting them so you can enjoy them later on. Its a tough one.

  3. Thanks again for featuring in the #Cheers! series and letting me share your fab poem lovely.

    Dawn x

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