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Welcome to The Brightness Of These Days.

I’m Nicole, mum to two little boys Dylan (3) and Arthur (1) and wife to Mr Brightness.

I’m back at work now but I started my blog last summer while I was on maternity leave.

I had a pretty crazy year last year, having Artie in February, moving from East London to the burbs in April and then moving again in July to our family home.

In between learning to reverse park (still a work in progress) and awkwardly trying to make new friends (same), I started to make up little rhymes about the day and what was going on as a bit of a sanity saver.

Now life has calmed down and my sanity is largely in tact (note the second line above) but I enjoy writing my blog and have started blogging about our family travels and adventures too.

You can read more about me in my interview with Motherland here.

So why The Brightness Of These Days?

It’s an enormous privilege parenthood – the best – and there are glorious days and bloody difficult not so glorious days.

Some days the brightness is obvious, it’s all pervading; first steps and toothy smiles and baby belly laughs.

Other days it’s a little harder to find, the days when you’re sieving poo out of the bath after two hours’ sleep with little bits of sick in your hair.

There are days you have to look really hard (like, really really hard), but it’s always there, the brightness of these days, even if it’s your glass of wine at 7.30pm!

My blog is about finding those moments and holding on to them.

I hope you enjoy it.


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A Note On Blogging

I’m still a fairly newbie blogger (I’m 7 months in!). Until now the blogging and social media world has been a bit of a mystery to me so it has been a steep learning curve. I’ve started to pin any articles or posts which I’ve found useful so if you are just starting out then take a look at my Pinterest board “Blogging and Social Media Tips”.

Nicole x


  1. Hey! Thank you, that’s very kind! Are you still enjoying your blog? Xx

  2. I saw you haven’t posted for a while. It looks good! Hope all is well otherwise xx

  3. Lee Lee

    Fabulous blog Nicole, had no idea you were doing this!

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you! Hope you guys are getting on ok xx

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