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The Six Month Slump

I find it down the plug hole
I see it on the floor
It’s coming out in clumps & lumps
My barnet is no more!

I’ve hit the six month slump
My baby’s started weaning
And the less he needs my milk
The more my body’s screaming!

He’s doing really well
If you look at him he’s thriving
But look at me, it’s plain to see
my hormones are sky-diving!

I know this is how it works
It’s happened before to me
But really, I’m not keen on being
Bald at thirty three!

One year update

Luckily since I wrote this post I’m pleased to say I have a little “baby hair” fringe that’s grown back. But really, pregnancy and having babies is an assault on the body isn’t it? The things that happen!

Not just the obvious things, like your enormous elasticated stomach, but the little less obvious ones like your hair falling out and then growing back.

If you see a pregnant person or a mother of a newborn today, or anyone that looks vaguely near The Six Month Slump, give them a big smile and make them a cup of tea.

There’s probably something weird going on with their body that they don’t want to tell you about.

They need the tea.

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