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“There’s a sparrowhawk!”
“On the trampoline!”
I heard my mother-in-law say.

“Look, look, it’s over there!
An actual bird of prey!”

“No way!”, said my father-in-law
“I really can’t believe it!”

“Where’s my camera?”
“In the car!”
“Quick, quick, I must retrieve it!”

But all too sudden the bird was gone
Hawk-eyed on to its next endeavour
Leaving my in-laws much enthralled:
“I shall remember that forever!”

I pondered their response
As the sky began to darken
It was much akin to my own
Had I found David Beckham in the garden.

Sparrowhawk vs David Beckham

This poem captures a special moment shared with my in-laws. We had just moved (days before), my husband was away, our life was in boxes and disarray and this handsome bird flew in and brightened up our day.

I can’t help but ask the question though – who or what would you most like to find in your garden?!

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