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A Poem for Artie

Arthur Finbar

My dear little bear;

Born a day late

With a full head of hair.


“Just like you!”

Murmured my father,

As we took it in turns

To cuddle little Arthur.


The shock from your brother

Was too great to miss;

It didn’t last long:

He gave you a kiss.


Mummy and Daddy,

Dylan and Artie.

The Kennedy family,

A veritable party.


Let’s have some fun, Artie turns one!

Our littlest bear cub, Arthur, turns one this week (sob!).

I wrote this poem for Artie a few days after he was born. It feels like yesterday. Everyone says this but: it goes so fast! Especially when it is your second child. I can’t believe it was just a year ago that he arrived into our lives.

I will always remember the look on Dylan’s face as we first arrived home from hospital with this new interloper: excited we were home and then shocked and confused by the occupant of the car seat. Luckily he’s a friendly little soul and poked his head in for a kiss soon enough. 

It’s a life-changer seeing your children bond and a year on they are thick as thieves (and my grey hairs are increasing at the same rate!).

We had a hectic year last year and parties for each of the boys so this year for their birthdays we are having family days doing things the boys love.

For Artie this will be pancakes, soft play, swimming and cake!

How do you celebrate your family birthdays? What are your birthday traditions?

Guess who had all the drugs?
Guess who had all the drugs?

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  1. Happy birthday Artie! My little Pords turned one two weeks ago. It’s just amazing how much they change in that first year. It goes so quickly but when you look back at how much they’ve managed to achieve in that time it’s astonishing!!

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      I know! I’ve not recorded half as much stuff with Artie as with Dylan (who has a list of how old he was when he did stuff, like roll over!) but I have used the Milestone Baby Cards & managed to grab a photo on my phone with one shoved next to him each month & the difference in those is amazing!

      Belated birthday wishes to little Pords too! (That is a small age gap! Hope you’re feeling better?) xx

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