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The Bucket List

It’s here!

At the beginning of the year, to kick-start our wanderlust, I decided to write a bucket list of places to explore and day-trip experiences we want to do.

I’ve never been one for homework so I’ve just been adding to a little list on my phone since then whenever we’ve mentioned things and have finally got round to getting it into a post.

It’s about time since we’ve already ticked a few off and have more in the pipeline. It’s shaping up to be a really exciting year!

Some of these are realisable in the short term – hopefully this year – and some we will do when the boys are older (the rollovers).

Bucket List 2016


    We’ve both enjoyed a festival or two in our time and it’s something that we miss since having kids. We have our eye on two at the moment, Feast In The Woods and Camp Bestival. Have you been to either of these? Any other festivals that are great for kids we should be looking at?

  2. BEACH

    We all love the beach (well Artie’s never been and will probably just rub sand in his eyes once he’s finished eating it, but the rest of us do!) and have some exciting plans afoot for this one! Watch this space!


    There’s no point fighting it. Dylan will love it and er, maybe we’ll enjoy it too? There isn’t a spa is there?

  4. KENT

    We moved to Kent last year but are not familiar with the Garden of England at all. So this year we want to get to know our new county. We’ve already explored our local National Trust places and Whitstable. The Kent coastline is somewhere I’m especially keen to explore. When we lived in London we would make an annual trip to Broadstairs for its lovely sandy beach so that’s on the list but we would also like to try some new ones – any suggestions?


    Mr Brightness is from Lancashire and shamefully I had never been up North until we met (because apparently Birmingham doesn’t count. It’s the Midlands people!). Mr Brightness is very concerned that the same fate doesn’t befall his beloved sons so we need to make at least one pilgrimage this year. Where should it be?


    These are real bucket list fodder. Things we talk about all the time but are pretty far off in the distance…

    1. I have always wanted to go to Japan. This is top of the rollover list for me. I’ve heard it can be a bit of a nightmare travelling around with children as things that would be a cool challenge when you’re kid-free can be overwhelming, i.e. the language is quite difficult and trains for example can be confusing. Any truth in this? Has anyone tried it with kids?
    2. Visiting pandas in China. Our current “quiet time” obsession at Brightness HQ is the Steve Leonard Baby Panda documentary and we are now all about the pandas!
    3. Has a bucket list ever been written which does not include this?! American road-trip!
    4. Safari – I can’t wait to take the boys on safari some day but I want them to be old enough to appreciate what a privilege it is to see big animals in the wild.
    5. Iceland – we had a fantastic trip to Iceland the year before we had Dylan and it is one of our favourite places. Whenever anyone asks me where to go I suggest it. I’m thinking I need to do a post soon to emphasise just how awesome it is! Another one for when the boys are older to really enjoy it.
Gratuitous baby panda photo – cutest baby animal alive?

That’s it! Any must sees I have missed?

What’s on your bucket list for this year? And what are your rollovers?

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