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Remember How We – The Sequel

The sequel to Remember How We is here and we’re feeling pretty excited!

Remember how we,


Looked out the window

At the rain and the gloom,

Dreamed of the sea

From a beach-view room?


Remember how we,


Started looking online

Just to see what there was

Then our heads filled with dreams

Of the ocean, because

Suddenly it seemed

Like not such a bad idea:

Palm trees and water crystal clear,

Flying fish and cou cou

Washed down with beer.

With school holidays ahead

A bind and a pain

Wasn’t there so much to gain

From a trip out of term-time

To a warmer clime?


Remember how we,


Threw caution to the wind

(And our bank account)

Did the maths

And realised the amount

Would be even more,

(And we’re a family of four),

From September next year

Which is getting near?


Remember when we,


Whipped out our card

(In the end it wasn’t too hard)

And off we went

Because even with interest at 30 per cent,

We couldn’t make a loss,

On a lovely week in… Barbados!!


Remember How We?

Ok, before you hate me, this is our first holiday since September 2014. Not a zillion years ago but enough life stuff has happened since then for us to need a Proper Rest. Not that I’m necessarily expecting that to happen travelling long-ish haul with a 1 year old and a 2 year old but oh, just to Feel The Sun On My Face!

Also, I’ve travelled to some really beautiful places before but almost always back-packing, and most of my exotic travels have been with Mr Brightness who insists on open-air beach-shack style huts wherever possible (i.e. cheap; includes “authentic” insects and toilets – remind me to tell you some time about the “eco-lodge” we’ve affectionately named The Spider Hut in Ghana), but this time we’re Staying In A Hotel! (upside to travelling with children).

Given that we only recently attempted our first long car journey since Arthur was born a year ago, this is quite a feat for us, but we are EXCITED! (as you can probably tell).

The 30% interest rate mentioned in the poem is a joke but it does raise a point.

We were toying with the idea of going away but thinking we should be financially sensible when a friend pointed out to us that if we priced up a holiday we liked out of term-time and then compared the price of the same holiday a few weeks later during the Easter holidays, even if you did end up paying a high end rate of interest on a credit card to fund the trip, you would still make a saving by travelling out of term-time (she says, clutching at all the – rum punch – straws).

Okay, I’m not going to be giving the excellent Martin Lewis and his Money Saving Expert tips a run for his money any time soon, but after a few glasses of wine the economics of this made perfect sense!

So we are busy packing and preparing over here at Brightness HQ.

Dylan asks us every morning if we are going to the beach today, and one of these days he is going to get lucky!

Advice needed!

If anyone has any tips on 8 hour flights with a 1 year old and a 2 year old, now would be a good time to share… have you done it? Are we mad?

Also, mild panic this week when I went to dig out my “holiday clothes” and couldn’t find any. Then I realised that during my last holiday abroad I was pregnant and the one before that in 2013 breast-feeding a 5 month old (i.e. lots of easy access dresses, not really appropriate now, it’s not that sort of holiday) – I have no beachwear!

Where do we old lady mums of two buy such things from now?

Is it time for… the one piece?


(PS – sorry about the song. Intolerable.)


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  1. I’m very jealous! We haven’t attempted going abroad yet (though I’m pregnant with #2 so there’s no chance now for a while!), but I bet it wouldn’t be as stressful as we think. I’m sure the kids will love it. #coolmumclub

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      I hope so! My advice would be to try to squeeze in a babymoon if you can before #2 arrives. Those first couple of months you’ll be glad you did! Once it all settles down though it’s ace, it’s the best thing seeing your children play together x

  2. Oooh lovely! I hope you have a fab time once you figure out where to buy lifestyle-appropriate beachwear and how to handle two kids on an international flight 🙂 I have to confess to being a bit jealous, I’d say my passport will expire before it gets anymore use at this stage, haha.

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you! We had to get our youngest a passport, hopefully the holiday won’t be so traumatic that he only gets to use it once!

  3. Exciting! I have plenty of advice on flying with two small people, we’ve done a lot of it! Don’t over pack, but remember you need spare tops as well because the flight will be the one time that your NEVER EVER sick baby projectile vomits cheese on you. And you end up wearing just your card. Which doesn’t button up. Flashing your bra. On an Emirates flight of all flights….

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Two people have said this now re a change of clothes and I would never have thought of that. Thank you! Ah Emirates. I met my husband in Dubai when we were working there, have such a soft spot for it. Wouldn’t fancy that experience on an Emirates flight though! x

  4. Wow amazing you totes deserve the holiday. The only advice I can offer is know that 8 hours is a very small piece of yours and everybody’s else’s life for a piece of heaven at the end so just make that your mantra perhaps? Thanks for linking up to #coolmuclub & can’t wait to hear all about it! x

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      That is a great mantra! That and “drinks trolley”! Thanks for hosting xx

  5. Melanie Melanie

    Well jel, it’s going to be sublime. I’ve done the 24 hour flight to Aus when Dorothy was 13 months so have some tips.

    Double check you booked your bassinet 24 hours before and write down your ref number and seat numbers because we booked ours ahead of schedule and then when they got there said we didn’t have the booking. It was fine in the end but it took ages to sort, you also may wanna get there as soon as poss to make sure you get one. even if they don’t sleep in it, it’s always useful having the extra space and places to put things.
    Also, try to avoid getting seats next to the toilet. When it’s dark and they are trying to sleep, every time the toilet door opens it shines on them. In the end she slept through that but i didn’t.
    Try and argue your case if He is fast asleep in the bassinet and there is turbulence because they will say he has to get out. We took her out and she woke up and other people were standing up, going to the toilet etc when we could have left her in.
    Quite a few changes of clothes cause 30 mins into the first leg there was severe turbulence where even the staff had to buckle up and Dorothy, having just had her milk, vomited all over Chris! I was panicking that this was a sign of things to come but luckily she was fine after that.
    We didn’t need this because Dorothy slept in the bassinet but if He doesn’t it might be useful to have a sling from so he can sleep on you.
    Prepare a few small bags with different small toys, simple things like we had this portable hair brush that folds and you push it in and out and she loved that. Then bring out a different bag every hour or few hours so you haven’t used up all your ‘supplies’ in one go!
    This might sound over the top but it helped me. Have everything organised in certain bags or compartments and stick to it on the flight so you know exactly where things are as you have so much stuff and you can spend ages looking for stuff.
    Good luck x

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      These are amazing tips! I wondered whether Artie would fit in one of the bassinets (it’s been so long since I’ve been on a plane!) but Dorothy would have been the same age. It’s always the little things isn’t it, like the hairbrush! Artie is obsessed with a spatula at the moment! It’s coming on the plane! xx

      • Mel Mel

        It was a squeeze! Her head and toes touched the ends but she is tall and even if they don’t fall asleep in there, they can fall asleep on you and the transfer them.

      • Mel Mel

        Also write down any tips I’ve missed out cause I could do with a refresher course on this subject for my up and coming flights and never done it with two, but I’m assuming that’s why iPads were invented? Oh and got Dorothy some kids earphones for the flight, you could prob do with a pair of them for Dylan? Smiggle shops do some cute ones with volume limiting.

  6. oo too envious – if you didn’t do anything because of the children – well – clearly you wouldn’t do anything – live it, do it, love it – that’s my advice – and just think of the blog material – thats got to be worth it – have heaps of fun lovely #coolmumclub xx (ps can you believe my coffee break only arrived now – how does anyone ever find 5 minutes?!

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