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#findingadventures – February Travel & Adventure Round-up

Where did February go?! And we got an extra day!

I thought we hadn’t done much last month (besides starting our Bucket List) but now realise that we managed to squeeze quite a lot in.

I’m really enjoying these round-ups for that reason, it’s good to reflect and keep a record of what we’ve been up to. Especially useful since post-children my brain is maggot-esque, in size and function.

So here it is…



    This was big news for us, since we hadn’t travelled any long distances in almost a year (hangs head in shame as – gasp – it wasn’t that bad!). We were dreading the journey but all I can remember about it now was the stunning scenery of North Wales and being held up by a herd of sheep (which the boys were fascinated by). Result! We love North Wales and it deserves a blog post all to itself (as that’s where my in-laws live you can expect more of these in the future) but just the drive there was like a virtual interactive farm book for kids. Every few minutes there was a shout of “tractor!”, “sheep!”, “digger!”, “chicken!”, “cow!” etc from the back.

    In fact the only thing that let us down that weekend was the weather. We persevered with it, driving an hour one afternoon to a desolate beach, but when your passenger seat becomes soaking wet from horizontal rain in the time it takes to strap your baby carrier on, you know you have made an error. You should do anyway, on we went, grimacing to the beach, seeing no-one else, until the lashing wind and rain finally forced us back to the – soaking wet – car. Defeated we spent the rest of the weekend doing what we should have done in the first place: eating and drinking with childcare assistance from the Brightness-in-laws.


    Our little Arthur turned one. We had plans to take the boys to soft play and swimming but naively turned up to said soft play during half term. Some of you will be nodding wisely; some reaching for your wine glass at just those words (“half term” argh!), but some of you, with pre-school children or without children, will be – like we were – confused. Is half-term that big a deal? Let me tell you. Yes. It is. When you exit your car to a loud din, coming from a warehouse teaming with over-excited school-age children just get straight back in your car and drive to your nearest pub. That’s what we did, after a cursory look inside to confirm our suspicions (hell, actual hell) and via the park so that we didn’t feel like entirely terrible parents. Everyone was happy and we had a super nice day!


    Not learning my lesson from the soft-play near-miss I ventured into London with the boys the next day to visit the London Transport Museum. What can I say? Beautiful building, inspiring interactive displays, a children’s play zone… all entirely over-run with that dreaded thing: Other People’s Children. The good news is that your ticket grants you unlimited entry for 12 months so we will be heading there soon for a good stamp around during term-time.


If my blog is still going when Dylan starts school you can expect lots of posts on North Wales, West Ireland and any other remote countryside spots where you are unlikely to encounter large hoards of Other People’s Children. Gah! Really it is awful. If you work in the City, half-term’s quite nice; the trains in are quieter, the coffee queue is shorter, everything is just a bit calmer. I now know this is because all the City parents have taken “holiday” (ha!) and are getting on the 10.13 train into town then heading straight to Covent Garden. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

What’s up next?

Our first big adventure as a family of four: Barbados!

I realise as I write this that we started the year having been largely grounded for the previous twelve months; managed our first family road-trip in February and are about to embark on our first family long-haul trip in March (8 hours is long-haul right? 2 hours is long-haul enough with a 1 year old and a 2 year old). What are we going to do in April?!

Watch this space!

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  1. A very entertaining read!

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you! Xx

  2. Delyth Delyth

    Love the North Wales travel blog hope there will be many more! Looking forward to the Barbados one!

    • thebrightnessofthesedays thebrightnessofthesedays

      Thank you! Xx

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